Historians and Miracle Claims

Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus

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Why I Removed My Calendar of Speaking Events from My Website

(September 16, 2014) I just sent the following email to Dr. Norman Geisler: Dear Dr. Geisler, Yesterday, I removed my calendar of speaking events from my web site, having heard from an individual that Paige Patterson had contacted a venue at which I had spoken while another individual informed me you had contacted another venue… Read More

I’m a Doubting Thomas!

Michael Licona, Ph.D. One of my idiosyncrasies is that I’m a perpetual second-guesser. I seem to question just about everything. I don’t want to make a bad decision, even in some very insignificant matters. So, it just makes sense that I often have doubts pertaining to decisions in significant matters. It’s not an intentional exercise…. Read More

On Chicago’s Muddy Waters

Alligator Eye

Mike Licona (June 2, 2014) Many of us have had the driving experience of moving along peacefully when we become startled by the sudden appearance of flashing blue lights in our rear-view mirror. We pulled over to the side of the road and waited for the police officer to approach our car and inform us… Read More

Humble Pie

I want to make a correction to what Gary and I wrote in The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus (p. 128). We say, Tiberius Caesar was the Roman emperor at the time of Jesus’ ministry and execution. Tiberius is mentioned by ten sources within 150 years of his death: Tacitus, Suetonius, Velleius Paterculus, Plutarch,… Read More

When the Saints Go Marching In

This is the paper I delivered at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Philosophical Society in San Francisco. This paper addresses the present controversy stated by Norman Geisler pertaining to the saints raised at Jesus’ death in Matthew 27:52-53.

Roundtable Discussion

The 2012 summer issue of the Southeastern Theological Review includes a roundtable discussion on the interpretation of Matthew’s raised saints I proposed in my book The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach (Downers Grove: IVP Academic, 2010).