The Historical Reliability of the Gospels

Are the Gospels historically reliable accounts of the life of Jesus? In this video, Mike Licona provides 5 criteria for assessing ancient historical literature for their reliability and focuses on one of them: The author or their source was capable of recalling the past accurately.

Testimony of Muslim from Iran Coming to Christ

On 4 March 2017 at the “Be Ready” conference in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, a former Muslim from Iran told Mike that his debate videos were influential in his deciding to leave Islam and become a Christian. In this 2-minute video, Moustafa Mohsin shares his story.

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Anyone who reads the Gospels carefully will notice that there are differences in the manner in which they report the same events. These differences have led many conservative Christians to resort to harmonization efforts that are often quite strained, sometimes to the point of absurdity. Many people have concluded the Gospels are hopelessly contradictory and… Read More

What are the Primary Sources for Jesus’s Resurrection?

My article “What are the Primary Sources for Jesus’s Resurrection?” in The City, 9.1, 2016, 23-30. In the study of history, primary sources are the documents and artifacts closest to the matter being investigated. They are dated very close to the events they describe. In contrast, secondary sources use primary sources when writing about a… Read More