Decisions: A discussion between Bart Ehrman & Mike Licona

  • Thanks for writing about these issues. You do a good job. You are fair, courteous, professional and Christlike.

  • Dear Dr Mike, thank you for this book. Just wanted you to know that the impact of your wonderful book have reached persons on the other side of the globe.

  • Dear Mike, thank you for all your work. It has helped grow in my faith and many things I have learned from your writings and speeches have helped me mentor others.

    PJ in Singapore
  • I love all your books. They have made me stronger in my faith and hope. And now I am ready to share my hope and faith in Jesus Christ in Myanmar. Please remember in your prayers.

  • Hey, I just wanted to thank Mike Licona for his work. I've been really struggling with doubt over the past couple years, but I've been really encouraged in particular in reading “The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach” and by the 2010 debate with Richard Carrier