• On two separate occasions, our Ratio Christi chapter has invited Dr. Licona to give lectures at Clemson. Our hosting him a second time is clear indication of how pleased we were with the initial event. The responsiveness of his organization (Risen Jesus, Inc.) and the content available for use with promotional materials significantly aided our pre-event planning and execution. More importantly, Dr. Licona exemplifies attributes to which all of us engaged in Christian apologetics hopefully aspire – a desire for truth, deep knowledge of the subject matter, the ability to effectively communicate unfamiliar material, and a demeanor that attracts rather than repels. If you need a speaker to make a winsome and persuasive case for the truth of Christianity, contact Risen Jesus, Inc. I am fully confident you will be glad you did.

    Barry Sudduth Chapter Director, Ratio Christi at Clemson University
  • Dr. Licona is not only a superb scholar but he is a model of Christian love and respect. He is scholarly but relatable and will provide your audience with a wealth of knowledge in a way that can be understood and applied. As an event planner I deal with all types of personalities and I can honestly say that there is no one I could recommend more highly than Michael Licona.

    Dr. Leighton Flowers Director of Evangelism & Apologetics, Texas Baptists, Host of Soteriology 101 Podcast
  • Mike Licona combines the mind of a scholar, the heart of an evangelist, the clarity of a communicator, and the persuasive skills of a debater. His ministry is vitally important in answering objections currently being leveled against Christianity. Mike has my strong endorsement as an effective and winsome apologist.

    Lee Strobel New York Times best-selling author of The Case for Christ
  • Thanks for writing about these issues. You do a good job. You are fair, courteous, professional and Christlike.

  • Dear Dr Mike, thank you for this book. Just wanted you to know that the impact of your wonderful book have reached persons on the other side of the globe.