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Why I Removed My Calendar of Speaking Events from My Website

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(September 16, 2014) I just sent the following email to Dr. Norman Geisler:

Dear Dr. Geisler,

Yesterday, I removed my calendar of speaking events from my web site, having heard from an individual that Paige Patterson had contacted a venue at which I had spoken while another individual informed me you had contacted another venue at which I was scheduled to speak in order to “warn” them about me. Both reports came from credible people.

Last night you posted a denial of any such action on your part. So, early this morning I reread the email I had received concerning you that had been forwarded by an event coordinator to other team members. One of the other team members had forwarded that email to me. As I reread it, some ambiguity was now apparent to me. I wondered if the latter team member had misinterpreted the email s/he had received and that I had simply adopted their interpretation uncritically. So, I asked that person to get clarification. Later this morning that person expressed deep sorrow for misinforming me, having learned you had not contacted the team; rather, the email concerned one of your articles about me. But I am more to blame for not reading the email more carefully then replying publicly.

I am ashamed for my action. My error misled others and elicited many negative responses about you when you were innocent of the matter in this instance. I want you to know that I sincerely regret my act. I request your forgiveness.

Moreover, since I mistakenly called you out publicly on this matter, I will apologize to you publicly by posting this email on the same venues used yesterday.

Your brother,

Mike Licona


(Posted September 15, 2014)

I’ve been recently informed that Norman Geisler and Paige Patterson have been contacting places where either I have spoken or am scheduled to speak in order to get me uninvited from current or future events. The reason? They claim that I hold some positions that are incompatible with the doctrine of biblical inerrancy.

Of course, I have denied their claim since they began charging me with such nonsense 3 years ago. Geisler & Company has also recently criticized Craig Blomberg, William Lane Craig, and several others for holding positions contrary to their views while terminating Gary Habermas and Paul Copan from their adjunct teaching positions at Veritas Seminary.

Before then, Geisler engaged in similar actions with one of my dear friends over differences of opinion concerning how to run a certain business. Geisler observed my friend’s online speaking events calendar, contacted the event coordinators and actually spread slanderous untruths about him.

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