• On two separate occasions, our Ratio Christi chapter has invited Dr. Licona to give lectures at Clemson. Our hosting him a second time is clear indication of how pleased we were with the initial event. The responsiveness of his organization (Risen Jesus, Inc.) and the content available for use with promotional materials significantly aided our pre-event planning and execution. More importantly, Dr. Licona exemplifies attributes to which all of us engaged in Christian apologetics hopefully aspire – a desire for truth, deep knowledge of the subject matter, the ability to effectively communicate unfamiliar material, and a demeanor that attracts rather than repels. If you need a speaker to make a winsome and persuasive case for the truth of Christianity, contact Risen Jesus, Inc. I am fully confident you will be glad you did.

    Barry Sudduth Chapter Director, Ratio Christi at Clemson University
  • Dr. Licona is not only a superb scholar but he is a model of Christian love and respect. He is scholarly but relatable and will provide your audience with a wealth of knowledge in a way that can be understood and applied. As an event planner I deal with all types of personalities and I can honestly say that there is no one I could recommend more highly than Michael Licona.

    Dr. Leighton Flowers Director of Evangelism & Apologetics, Texas Baptists, Host of Soteriology 101 Podcast
  • Mike Licona combines the mind of a scholar, the heart of an evangelist, the clarity of a communicator, and the persuasive skills of a debater. His ministry is vitally important in answering objections currently being leveled against Christianity. Mike has my strong endorsement as an effective and winsome apologist.

    Lee Strobel New York Times best-selling author of The Case for Christ
  • Thanks for writing about these issues. You do a good job. You are fair, courteous, professional and Christlike.

  • Dear Dr Mike, thank you for this book. Just wanted you to know that the impact of your wonderful book have reached persons on the other side of the globe.

  • Dear Mike, thank you for all your work. It has helped grow in my faith and many things I have learned from your writings and speeches have helped me mentor others.

    PJ in Singapore
  • I love all your books. They have made me stronger in my faith and hope. And now I am ready to share my hope and faith in Jesus Christ in Myanmar. Please remember in your prayers.

  • Hey, I just wanted to thank Mike Licona for his work. I've been really struggling with doubt over the past couple years, but I've been really encouraged in particular in reading “The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach” and by the 2010 debate with Richard Carrier

  • I am from INDIA and I would like to express my deep reverence for the job that you have taken up. I watched some of your debates and I could see the way you debate and I strongly felt that I have to send a message just to convey my appreciation to you and I know that it is not an easy task to deal with such sensitive areas in THE WORD OF GOD and thanks a lot brother, God Bless you and your Family.

  • There won't be another one like last night's! The man, Michael Licona, the evidence, and the crowd...all humbling and amazing!

    John Mays Ratio Christi campus director, in reference to Mike’s lecture at Marshall University
  • Thank you for sharing what you have learned through seasons of profound doubts in your own life and giving your answers. I just thought it would be a good idea to let you know that what you do to serve the Church with intellectual responses is useful to me even in Quebec, Canada. God bless you Mike 🙂 

  • Dear Dr Licona, I have been following you and Dr Qureshi for a few months now. I was raised a Muslim. After a long reflection and listening to many of your arguments, I have decided to distance myself from Islam, particularly because of the violence aspect. I have not found Jesus yet... but it is a start.

  • Mike is one of my spiritual heroes. One of the main reasons I'm a Christian today is because of his passion to present the case for Jesus' resurrection.

    Greg Monette
  • Your debates have been VERY helpful, your careful, and full refutation of the claims of skeptics such as Ehrman, and Carrier (Thank God for those two debates), and Muslims such as Shabir have been very helpful and enjoyable!

  • Your work has truly impacted my walk with Christ. I have shared your work with fellow believers, as well as those who are not Christians. Thank you for your work and leadership in this area of apologetics.

  • Hey Michael! Just wanted to say I'm a hundred pages shy of finishing your book on the resurrection (first I've read from you). . . . I really admire your attempt at being objective as possible, the humility, and honesty you share in the book. Because of that fact, I've recommended your book to several of my atheist friends. Just wanted to say great work and thanks for all you do!

  • I have to say that I really enjoyed [your new book Why Are There Differences in the Gospels?]. I have no background in ancient Greco-Roman studies and this masterpiece truly helped me understand the Gospels in great light. I will highly recommend this book especially for the average layman, because the way it is written, it is very easily understood. Outstanding job Michael Licona. I look forward to more of your writings. I think I am your biggest fan.

  • Dr. Licona, I recently purchased and read your book regarding Jesus' resurrection, and wanted to thank you for your hard work. It strengthened my faith and taught me a lot.

  • Mike is one of God's great blessings to His Church. The way he thinks, writes and speaks is truly inspiring. I look forward to seeing him in another conference soon and am excited to read his new book.

  • Prof Licona, Thanks for your solid and clear book which you wrote [on Gospel differences]. Tonight I will be teaching it through Satellite for audiences from Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan all over the globe. My goal is to share with them that although at first glance we see some differences in Gospels but there is always has reasons for those passages. I thank you in advance for your book and your ministry. God bless

  • Wow! Such a great debate! Wow!!! . . . Michael, you are my favorite resurrection apologist. And I want to read your new book about differences in the Gospels. . . . Thank you so much! My mood is just so great after watching it. Lol.

    HE after viewing the video of my debate with Matt Dillahunty
  • I love 'The Resurrection of Jesus: A Historiographical Approach.' It has pushed me more towards Jesus than few others.

  • I've introduced a number of people to your works and I always hear the same sort of praise: the perfect mix of intelligence and humility, and a real sense of authenticity. A lot of these folks are college age and they long for truth—what's real. And that seems to be what they see in you; realness. So keep up the good and faithful work! You are definitely making an impact, and it is far larger than what you see.

  • As it is clear that you have invested so much of your energy into defending God's Word, I hope you are also encouraged. I can personally attest to how your ministry affects others. Prior to working at (--), I worked in drug and alcohol recovery ministry, where I would often teach. While apologetics often helps people in their journey to accepting Christ, there isn't always the altar call where we get to see the fruit. One night, after presenting your argument, a 20 year old young man I had been working with for months came up and gave his life to Christ.

  • It was like watching a boxing match where a professional heavyweight boxer faces off against a biker gang member.

    Drew Mazanek after viewing the Licona/Dillahunty debate
  • Mike... I have a big group of teens I teach at my church, and your ministry is part of growing their faith in Christ.

  • Thank you for your work. As an evangelical, unlettered theologian, thoughtful analyst and writer I find your courage in taking a public stand as a necessary step to the reform needed in the church. . . . By taking a public stance with your thoughts, weathering the criticism, absorbing the high unjust personal cost you endured and exposing your mid-stream process you exhibit a new model for inquiry. A scientific approach to gathering evidence, a philosophical evaluation of the evidence, and only then a consideration of the potential theological problems and honest adjustments. In no way am I trying to stroke your ego but rather offer encouragement. . . . I would encourage you to accept the messiness of the situation.

  • Your book, The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus, was recommended to me by David Wood and it changed my life. More South Africans need to hear about apologetics.

  • I'm an atheist but your performance in the debate with Matt Dillahunty was great.

  • I would like to thank you for your ministry. I passed through a period of some doubts but your arguments from Jesus Resurrection restored my faith.

  • Just wanted to send a quick thanks for all your work. My sermon this Sunday and last [i.e., Palm Sunday & Easter], have greatly benefited from all you’ve poured into the resurrection and the historical method. Thanks.

  • While Ehrman is an intelligent, skilled debater I feel Licona did a masterful job of breaking down each one of his arguments. As a Christian, I have learned a great deal about what it means to be ‘historically reliable’ and I feel more comfortable than ever that the NT accurately describes the life, death and yes ‘the resurrection’ of Jesus. I hope we see more exchanges like this. Christianity makes a strange claim by today’s standards. It claims to be ‘the truth’ and if it is, I feel quite comfortable any question can be asked and when all the evidence is evaluated at the end it will point to a resurrected Jesus. As it does in this exchange.

    Bob Wetesnik on Mike’s written debate with Bart Ehrman on the Historical Reliability of the Gospels
  • On a recent Sunday morning at our little church in Chesapeake Virginia, my wife and I were reminded as to why we were initially drawn to, and supported the role of apologetics, and the ministry of Risen Jesus in particular. As worship time wound down, our pastor mentioned a slight change to the regular service. A young man and his wife in their mid-30s were introduced and quickly began to tell, in one story after another, their successes planting underground home churches in three middle eastern countries experiencing the onslaught of radical Islam. The young man began his talk by laying out a fundamental apologetic groundwork for the defense of Christianity when compared with the dogma of Islam. As he spoke, I keyed in on some familiar phrases. Almost word for word they were ones that I had read in one of Mike's books and heard him repeat both in personal conversation and in debates. Intrigued, I approached the speaker following the service, asking if he was familiar with Mike Licona. His eyes lit up. ‘As a matter of fact,” he said, “I have watched and listened to many of Mike's and David Wood's debates both in preparation for, and the fine tuning of my messages to Muslims.’ He went on to share some moving accounts of conversions he and his wife were privileged to facilitate using those materials. For obvious reasons I won't share the name or ministry of this couple. I just wanted to encourage all of us that our love and admiration for Mike’s ministry Risen Jesus is well placed and supported by the hard evidence of transformed lives. . . . Initially I thought that Sunday was just a fortunate coincidence that would make for a cool story to encourage the Liconas. I'm beginning to believe, however, that in a world where information and conversation are instantaneous, Mike may very well be an unwitting mentor to scores of those like the ones I was privileged to meet that morning. From our perspective this has gone beyond our support of the Liconas. It's really also about equipping our brothers and sisters in arms. May we be moved to redouble our prayer covering and, where possible, our financial help.

    Bill & Kathleen Cage
  • Hi Mike. Watched your debates with Shabir Ally on youtube. Thank u so much for all the work that you do on apologetics as a historian. The videos have blessed me so much. I keep on sending the links to my brothers and sisters in Christ lately as here in Indonesia we now have the Muslim Zakir Naik and he has been sending invitations to so many Christian youth fellowships to come for a debate here in Jakarta. I am telling everybody not to come. Please help pray for my country. Persecutions is getting visible here. Not so many Christian youths here know and understand the importance of knowing the Bible or even read the Bible. Therefore many can be misled easily by folks like Zakir Naik. I pray that by sending the links to your videos on youtube would open up their knowledge on these things and finally strengthen their faith in Christ. Thank you so much. God bless.

  • I really enjoyed your debate with Matt Dillahunty - one of the best theist/atheist debates I've seen in a while.

  • Dr. Licona: I've read some of what you written (especially interested in your new book on the Gospels) and have followed something of what you've faced by being an honest Evangelical scholar. As one who continues to engage in an informal theological education and one who has shepherded those who love Jesus and want to handle Scripture with integrity, I just wanted to take a moment to say how grateful I am that you have forged ahead with your scholarly endeavors AND maintained a credible Evangelical presence. What I mean is that I've seen some scholars engage the difficulties of biblical scholarship and turn into antagonists (at least to some measure). I haven't seen that in you. Thanks and regards.

  • I appreciate your work and I wish others would attempt to give you a fair reading before they dismiss what you are saying. We need more scholars who are capable of working with primary source material the way you have done with your book [Why Are There Differences in the Gospels?]. I look forward to your next work.

  • I find it interesting that the people who hate your book [Why Are There Differences in the Gospels?] and are sure it is wrong, haven't actually read the book. They claim it undermines inerrancy when what it did for me is provide a reasonable way to reconcile many passages that otherwise created problems for the claim of inerrancy. My view of the inerrancy of scripture was strengthened by the argument, not undermined, by removing as claimed errors things that are not errors once the genre is taken into account. The critics, IMO have missed the whole point. Of course that tends to happen when you don't actually read the material in question.

  • Thank you for your videos on countering what Muslim apologists say. As an 'internet apologist’, I frequently interact with Muslims online and having these short videos is very helpful!

  • I've been a Christian for 4 years, and part of my testimony before I made a commitment in fact involves one of your talks. Mine was an intellectual conversion - with some toil, but bounds of joy too at the newfound knowledge I was coming to - before I finally accepted Jesus as Lord. I began to look into the historical Jesus, and I remember I watched a 10-12 or so part lecture of yours on the Resurrection via youtube (which is no longer up!). I found it truly astonishing. Anyhow, during one section you were discussing the reliability of Paul's 'gospel' he preached, as he went to visit the disciples in Jerusalem, so it was heavily corroborated (you were really laying it out)......I physically and literally got excited (you could say I felt my spiritual eyes open) and had goosebumps; then, as you were talking, you yourself got excited and raised your hand and said 'who's got goosebumps'. That was an absolute turning point that took me from a seeker to being convinced that what the gospels said were true. So I'm truly thankful to you and your ministry, and may I encourage you that God is absolutely doing a mighty work through you, and the minds he has raised up, Soli Deo gloria.

  • [Y]ou made it possible for me to return to Scripture with a renewed confidence in the essential truth of what I find there. For that, I am very grateful to you.

    from one who describes himself as a former militant atheist after reading my written dialogue with Bart Ehrman on the historical reliability of the Gospels
  • I must admit that when I first heard of the controversy regarding Matt 27 passage, I was hesitant to buy your book. However it is because of that controversy that I finally decided to give it a shot and see what you had to say. I am so glad that I did! The controversy worked in my favor, because your book is by far the finest, most comprehensive and most honest work on the resurrection that I have ever read. Although I personally am not convinced of your interpretation of Matt 27, I am open to it and I must admit that I do not fully understand the genre of apocalyptic imagery as well as you do. Yet that is only 2-3 pages of disagreement in a 700 page gold mine! When scholars like Markus Vinzent are writing books and articles claiming that all four Gospels were written in the 2nd century as responses to Marcion's Luke, such ferocious and defamatory arguments against you over the genre of Matt 27:52-53 seem like a waste of time! Surely such a witch hunt is a modern example of the kind of divisiveness that Paul condemned in Corinth. I really am grateful for you work on the resurrection and for the detail and open-mindedness with which you investigate the data. Your respect for the arguments of other scholars and openness to investigate their views, makes your refutations of them all the more credible and powerful. . . . I am grateful to your work for being so honest and for making just good sense. I can now defend these alleged difficulties with confidence!

  • Your book saved my faith. Thank you!

  • I had an email from one of the 400 online [who viewed your Easter morning message live] who said that they were in a place of struggle with their faith and your morning lecture answered their questions.

    Matt Burford Tactical Faith
  • Dr. Licona, I recently watched one of your interviews on Acadia Divinity College’s YouTube channel.  Danny Zacharias asked you to describe how your mentors have influenced your growth as an apologist.  Something you said really stood out to me.  You said your mentors have helped you work through your doubts. Talking about doubts is still taboo is certain circles. That was the main reason I stuffed my own doubts for years.  I went to a church that was pretty legalistic. The pressure to follow strict standards makes it difficult for people to be honest about their struggles in legalistic settings. I feared that sharing my doubts would reveal that I wasn’t perfect. I finally opened up to my pastor, and much to my surprise, he responded graciously. I have benefited from your research.  I recently sent my pastor a link to your “Why Are There Differences in the Gospels?” lecture.  I was blown away by your work on the subject, and I plan to share some of what I learned with my Sunday School class.  You’ve become one of the apologists I regularly listen to.

  • Appreciate your ministry, ran into some atheists about the whole Christ myth theories and the writings of Ms. Murdock, your research and writing on the subject was very helpful... still cannot believe that people fall for such pseudo research and thinking Jesus actually derived from pagan myths, but thank you so much for all that you do!

    Alex Kumpf
  • Brother Mike, Thanks so much for what you're doing. Your talks among other relevant literature have helped my own doubts that I struggled with two years ago. That was a very dark time . . . May the Lord richly bless you!

  • Just finished the Licona/NickPeters interview on Deeper Waters. It is taking me ages because I am making notes and trying to find the source material as I go! It is absolutely the best thing I have heard for ages. Maybe it's because my training is in arty things....literature etc, which is why the flat, modernist literal ways of looking at the gospel writers has always driven me bananas. . . . Power to you Mike Licona.

    Helen Marple-Horvat
  • Ur debates ur honesty ur heart...such a testimony. Helped me ... doubts to faith. Thx. God Bless.

  • Dr. Licona, I just wanted to let you know that I recently bought your book, Paul meets Muhammad, and am really enjoying it. I'm currently leading a BASIC apologetics class at my church and I was feeling a little uneasy about the lecture on the resurrection. But now, even though I'm only a few chapters into your book, I'm feeling much more confident. Thank you very much. I will recommend it as a source to everyone in attendance.

    Nathan Crowe
  • Mr. Licona, What you are doing in the Christian community is inspiring and relieving. Thank you so much for what you do. I have watched many of your debates in regards to Islam and Christianity, and it has educated me and encouraged me in my faith. Thank you for being a free thinking apologist. We love your material!

    Lee Gaesswitz
  • Thanks very much for your work. The Case for The Resurrection of Jesus was a key inspiration for me. It, as well as Lee Strobel's Case for Christ, motivated me to start my own site to help defend and spread Christianity.

    Logic & Light
  • My name is Isaac, and I have just finished reading your book on the Resurrection of Jesus. I must say that this book has strengthened my faith in the resurrection by a ton.

    Isaac B.
  • A few months back, one very intelligent man whose opinions I deeply respect on a number of matters (he’s an agnostic, or at least he was at the time, he prefers to keep his beliefs to himself) was asked what single event in history he would choose to witness if he had a time machine. He replied the resurrection, since it would answer a lot of questions. My response was to recommend the next best thing to such a time machine that I know of, which is this [Mike Licona’s] book. It is the most thorough and balanced treatment of the subject I have ever seen in a single volume.

    Ben Zwycky (Check Republic)
  • I appreciate your instruction and audacity for Christ; it is quite infectious and stirring for my spirit.

    Rebecca (university student)
  • [Paul Meets Muhammad] was an enjoyable read that reminded me of my long struggle with Islam and eventual conversion to Christianity. My personal journey would have gone much quicker if more books like this had existed back then.

  • Dr. Mike...God really used you today to “save” my faith... thanks again…Yusuf Ismail did a presentation on the pagan roots of Christianity. Some of his ideas created the impression that early Christianity was deduced from a pagan understanding as well as that Christianity was a progressive idea only fully formulated at Nicea. It made me feel upset and somehow made everything I hold dear arbitrary. Then I watched the debate you did with him on the resurrection at Potch University and WOW there you just really put everything back into perspective. When I finished watching it I felt so inspired and just said thanks to God over and over as I prayed!

    Christian in South Africa
  • I used to think the Bible was a book of myths, but I think Licona just brainwashed me into believing it’s all facts.

    person after viewing my 2011 debate with Abel Pienaar in South Africa
  • Mike, I cant thank you enough for all your work. I have watched several youtube videos of your talks and they have really helped to bolster my faith. My God continue to bless you and your work as you defend the good news and the resurrection.

  • I attended Dr. Licona’s apologetics talk last year on “Why do the Gospels contain differences?” It was an eye opening experience. My faith grew that night, and I went home reading the Bible until I fell asleep.

  • I watched an academic debate yesterday and got inspired by Michael Licona; his calm and steady behavior during tension was remarkable.

  • I had you as a professor at Luther Rice on the Resurrection of Christ and consider it one of the finest courses I have ever taken from anyone.

    Tom Parrott
  • Brother Michael, I found the article [on doubt: https://blog.logos.com/2015/06/an-apologist-confronts-his-doubt/#comment-223225] not as another treatise on the apologetics of the Resurrection, but as a confession, of sorts, pertaining to an apologist’s struggle(s) with the foundations of faith. Is not the bible packed with stalwarts of the faith…struggling with the same? Does the bible hide Jesus’ battle in the ‘garden’? Did the gospel writers glaze over or dismiss the “walking on/falling in the water” verses of Peter’s struggle with faith? Mike, you have always worn your faith and emotions on “your sleeve” which, in turn, developed you into an incarnational teacher of and for The Word. The Holy Spirit is molding you into one of the most effective contemporary advocates of biblical truth. Thank you for sticking to your spiritual ‘guns’ and sharing your intimate spiritual battles! Keep the faith!

  • [T]hank you for your dedication in advancing the Kingdom of Heaven. Your work has changed my life.

  • I am thankful for your ministry, because you have strengthened my faith. I had no reason to doubt the resurrection, but I wish I could have known your arguments when I was reading theology at University of Birmingham. I feel better equipped for evangelism after encountering your ministry. I admire how you treat those with whom you debate, with gentleness and respect. It has been a humbling and learning point for me too. In other words, your attitude (similar to that of Christ's) pricked my conscience and has caused me to have an attitude adjustment.

  • [I] had the distinct pleasure of studying under you for both my resurrection class as well as an advanced apologetics class in which we studied the synoptic problem. . . . I'm writing you to first and foremost say thank you so very much for your wonderful instruction and research. Your book, The Resurrection of Jesus is a constant reference for me. During my [graduate studies] it was a real honor to be able to interact with you and actually pick your mind regarding some very complicated things. Also, [your] class played a major role in my faith walk. Gaining an understanding of how the gospels were actually written, looking at the different techniques used by the authors and also looking at supposed contradictions helped make them come alive in a sense. Your classes challenged me and grew me more than you might imagine. Thank you sir!

  • I've invited those Mormon's over twice. . .  Your book [Behold, I Stand at the Door and Knock] has been conducive and slightly prophetic (the things the Mormon's said to me were in the book).

  • Your book 'The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus' changed my life. I was a young pastor when I read it in 2007, and had a lot of questions after reading Dawkins. I started wondering if evolution was true, and if the Bible could be trusted. After reading your book, I knew that even if very little in the Bible was true, Jesus was alive, and from that grew more confidence to live His teachings.

  • Thank you for taking the time to commit to such an endeavor [writing your large book on Jesus’ resurrection]! The book has been a huge blessing to me as I had begun to wrestle with doubts.

  • I want to thank you for all you have done . . . We never know how what we say and do for the Lord will effect people, but know that your investment in my life is having fantastic eternal consequences!

  • Dear Dr. Licona: I can easily say that your work as well as your debates have been so helpful with regards to my faith. Thank you for all you've done, rest assured that none of it has been in vain.

  • I absolutely love your work and it has been very helpful to me during a period of doubt and questioning. Keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to the new book!

  • I’m a pastor . . . (and want) to express how much Mike has done for me in my life. I have studied under him twice at Biola while in pursuit of my masters. I took my resurrection class with Mike as well as an advanced apologetics class in which we examined the Synoptics. My time with him greatly influenced my walk and ultimately helped me decide to leave a career in the legal world and enter into full time ministry as a pastor. His approach to the resurrection continues to inform my teachings and conversation. For example just two nights ago I presented the case for the resurrection I learned from Mike at Pepperdine University. I’ve also engaged my unbelieving family many times using Mikes approach as a foundation.

  • Thank you so much for all you do for the faith. You’re one of the main apologists I've followed that helped me to faith and pursuing ministry. Thank you again and God bless!

  • I want to thank you because your meetings and debates helped me to find my way in life and opened my eye to the true faith. God bless you and your work to help the lost souls to find themselves.

    Anonymous (Cairo, Egypt)
  • Mr. Licona. I just started reading your book Paul Meets Muhammed. Genius! I was first introduced to your writings in an online class at Biola where I refuted the hallucination theory. Between you and Habermas the information was insanely awesome. Your dialogue in Qureshi's book has helped me improve the manner in which I gracefully approach a disagreement between faiths. Thank you. . . . God bless and thanks again for your work.

  • Hi Mike, I'm an Ex-Muslim. (Was a Muslim for the first 16 years almost 17 years of my life). Historical evidence that was proven about Jesus' crucifixion. Your video's on youtube, with other greats such as David Wood, Sam Shamoun, James White, and Nabeel Qureshi really have opened my eyes.

  • You have been a huge resource of mine in refuting the Jesus mythicists and your lectures on what biographies were like in antiquity have really made me appreciate the gospels AND their contradictions/ differences. Your ministry really helps people like me who are not interested in starting with theological assumptions, but diving into facts to see if our assumptions are right or if they need to be changed or adjusted. Please keep up the great work and I just bought a few of your books and they should be in for Christmas. Thank you Mr. Licona!

  • Hi Mike, just wanted to say keep up the great work. Time and time again, I've found your work (and that of guys like Habermas, Wright and Craig) to be indispensable in the work and ministry of apologetics. Praying for you, brother.

  • [I read] an article by (name omitted) on the theological dangers of old earth creationism.  Perhaps it was not his intention, but (name omitted) made it sound that if I accepted an old earth position, you were basically one foot-slip away from apostasy. When I read (name omitted), I panicked because I had grown comfortable with an old earth and what I thought was a much more author-friendly interpretation of the early chapters of Genesis. Despite the fact that I believed I was finally being faithful to the author and his genre (and as an added bonus... some reconciliation with science), I felt like I was being kicked out of the camp because someone more conservative than me thought I was giving up the farm. It has taken me a while to recover. The whole experience sent me down a path of serious doubt. But thankfully, through the work of guys like yourself, William Lane Craig, Tim Keller, etc., I slowly began to emerge after several years of struggle. I still have questions from time to time and likely always will, but I am not paralyzed anymore, and I am confident that the Christian worldview explains reality far better than any of its competitors. . . . I am so glad to have found a group of scholars who are courageously carving out an orthodox, conservative, biblically faithful place at the table for non-uberconservative, conservatives.

    email from a pastor
  • A few years ago I was saved and it was apologetics that paved the road to that, in particularly your book The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus. There was a small group/class at my church based on your book. I had been attending church for a while, but I was not quite there, yet. I am a scientifically oriented person . . . There were intellectual obstacles that prevented my full belief in a Christian Worldview. It was this course/your book/ that took me over those hurdles.

    an email to my co-author of The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus, Gary Habermas
  • One of the first apologetic books I read that got me into apologetics was “The Case for the Resurrection” by my two heroes, Gary Habermas and Mike Licona. This book solidified my faith forever (an unwavering faith). I am now obsessed with my faith and apologetic ministry.

  • Your ministry and debates have not only strengthened my faith, but have helped me become a true ambassador of Christ. God bless and thank you.

  • I am currently teaching a class on apologetics at my church and have been working on issues related to the reliability of the gospels. Your book on the resurrection has been enormously helpful! . . . It is sad to me that so many people from our mutual background end up throwing away their faith like Ehrman because of the inflexible fundamentalism they have accepted. I think your work and your perspective is absolutely vital to dealing with this problem.

  • As an agnostic atheist who enjoys following what you do, this was both interesting and great to share when I try and tell other atheists that many gospel discrepancies don't matter unless you take the most hyper-literalist approach which only a few fundamentalists actually adopt. Thanks for this.

    H (after viewing my video “Gospel Differences & Compositional Textbooks”)
  • I don’t easily believe anything (unfortunately for me), but I have found your work on the resurrection convincing. I am not sure I could be a Christian without it. I will always be grateful for that.

  • What an impressive presentation on the resurrection of Christ by Dr. Michael Licona at OSU tonight! Always inspired by his intellect and grace during his lectures and dialogues! Wonderful night!

  • I was at the event tonight at OSU and I just wanted to day thank you. I didn't really learn anything new tonight, but your personal stories about your own struggling with faith at times, and your own doubting voice has been a wonderful encouragement to me already. I feel like I am wired just like you are, which has naturally drawn me to the humanities, to history and to philosophy (I appreciated your joke about Philosophers ;)) So I just wanted to say thank you for taking your time, and for being slightly vulnerable and honest with us. I very much appreciated it.

  • Hey Mike ... My wife and I really enjoyed your presentation at Ohio State last night. Even got my son and his girlfriend (both juniors at OSU -- a big step for both!) to attend and they were impressed not only by the content but by how you handled yourself with certain questions during Q&A. Thank you for your example!

  • [I]n my opinion, this is one of the best debates between scholars that I've heard thus far on the deity of Christ.

    Danny Crowder (referring to the debate between Dale Martin and Mike Licona. You may view the debate at https://vimeo.com/52637018)
  • This concept [that authorial intent matters] has made all the difference in the richness of scripture in my life. You and your writings are part of making that happen for me.

  • Professor, I pray for you that the good work you are doing according to God's will is not in vain, it is rewarding and I and my Countrymen and Africa as a whole are benefiting from God's word through your service.

    from a pastor in Kenya
  • The hard work you've poured into making a case for the resurrection of Jesus has been a real blessing to me. It's inspired me to look into all the original sources and even start to learn a bit about the philosophy of history! Frankly, I think you're the best apologist we've got and I'm excited to see where your investigations take you.

  • I want to encourage you that since I've been introduced to your work a year and a half ago I've had a transformation of my thinking and beliefs when it comes to the historical Jesus. I now have confidence and I know how to answer skeptics and atheists when it comes to the historical method. So thank you!

  • The 70s and 80s did have serious mis-steps for the church, but with strong groups like Reasonable Faith with William Lane Craig and Risen Jesus with Michael Licona, we stand a good chance of changing things. The powers that be do not want to engage with the caliber of people mentioned, because a Christian faith that stands against the social philosophy (and under cut their claims) of the day is not favorable to the producers of this cultural revolution.

  • Pastor Mike, (I use this title as God has given you a very large ministry to His children and the lost)... As a believer for 30+ yrs I have heard most of the arguments given against Christ and His church. You have put forth some of the best logical answers for the questions Satan puts into the hearts and minds of the lost. I just wanted to say thank you! My wife is taking classes at our church. . . . Your video The A, B, D, D's and E's was one of the videos that was a requirement to watch. I sat with her at home and watched you masterfully take the questions to their logical and reasonable answer. You are a gifted speaker and what God has given you thru much study is blessing so many. Thank you for the apologetics. Would to God that we all take this serious and learn why we believe and then in love defend it as you do. Blessings to you and your family.

  • Hello Dr. Mike. Thank God for your life. I chanced upon one video of yours on YouTube and since then I have been listening to every video of yours. I am so glad and getting enlightened on the New Testament. In fact you inspired my desire to study theology. I am just looking for that opportunity .

    AJ in Ghana
  • Your work has been incredibly helpful in my life and ministry!

  • I have often thought Christianity required a blind leap of faith to understand. Almost like having to be in the family to know mom's secret recipe for her famous dish. I was wrong. Christianity is logical, historical, comprehensible and believable. This book reveals that in a very unbiased and professional way. Beyond that, the call to humility at the end presents a different mindset from what most Christians seem to have.

    Aaron Moore Review of The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus by Habermas and Licona on Amazon (March 24, 2016)
  • Thanks for your ministry and all you do. Your work has blessed and enlightened me and thousands of others!

  • Dr Mike, I have read your book. Now i can give the answer about the resurrection of Jesus.

    JJ in Indonesia
  • Thank you for your ministry and candidness about your struggles with doubt. I found your testimony encouraging in dealing with my own struggles.

  • I learned from your lectures in Langley and was encouraged in the faith as a result.

  • I had a virus infection I wish to call “JW Bug” [JW = Jehovah’s Witnesses] which was quietly but steadily eating deep into my CPU, I mean my heart and mind, for more than a year. It almost ruined my calling as a pastor and missionary in this foreign mission. Only the conviction of my calling to this foreign mission and the evidences of the divine presence with me which I see among this people and the sincere desire not to confuse them that kept me afloat. I was confused and troubled until Thursday 17th April when I found your article, Behold I Stand At The Door And Knock: What to Say To Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses when they knock at your door, on the net. It was my FIRST breath of clean air. My CPU was so affected that I began to quietly reason along with their views on Scripture. I needed help from someone who has deep insider knowledge about the JW to help me. I got that in you. Your article stopped the JW Bug and put me back on my feet. Thank you very much sir for making this article available for free reading on net. It's a life saver for me.

    from a pastor in Ghana
  • Mike Licona is simply a wonderful communicator. Never speaking over the heads of his various audiences, he employs humor and overall winsomeness to grab his audience’s attention and to keep it riveted on the subject at hand. Throughout, Mike’s greatest assets come across well–his own personality along with his scholarship. As one listens, it is obvious that behind the excellent eye contact, humor, and clear outline is a scholar with whom skeptics ought not try to spar.

    Gary R. Habermas, Ph.D.
    Gary R. Habermas, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor of Philosophy & Apologetics Liberty University
  • I often tell my students, ‘You must pursue truth rather than protect your presuppositions.’ This is axiomatic for honest investigation, a sine qua non of historical research. Sadly, it is a rare commodity among scholars today, even among biblical scholars. Dr. Licona is one who exemplifies this approach in his treatment of the resurrection of Jesus. Frankly, I can’t remember when I came across a scholar whose passion for Christ so readily translates into a passion for truth. Licona is the man!

    Daniel Wallace, Ph.D.
    Daniel Wallace, Ph.D. Senior Professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary, Executive Director, Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts
  • Mike Licona was instrumental in my journey out of Islam to Christ. While I was a Muslim college student, Mike invited me to his home regularly to discuss the historicity of Jesus’ death on the cross and his resurrection from the dead. The evidence Mike presented was so compelling it formed the keystone of my conversion. Since then, I have seen his work so powerfully impact thousands with historical evidence of the Christian faith that I have financially supported his ministry for years. I whole-heartedly encourage you to also support Mike and his ministry, that others may come to know the truth of Jesus not only in their hearts, but also in their minds.

    Nabeel Qureshi
    Nabeel Qureshi Author, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus