Decisions: A discussion between Bart Ehrman & Mike Licona


The Historical Case for the Resurrection of Jesus. Why should others believe Christianity is true in the face of so many worldviews?  Can we know for certain?  Are there any hard-core facts?  A sober historical investigation surprisingly reveals that Jesus’ resurrection was an event in history. 

The Historical Reliability of the Gospels. Apart from pure faith, are there good reasons to think the Gospels preserve accurate stories about Jesus? In this lecture, Mike Licona answers “Yes!” and provides several reasons from the viewpoint of a historian.

Should we trust the New Testament? Why were certain books excluded from the Bible and who made the decision?  How certain can we be that the Bible we have today is not a corrupted version of the original? Who wrote the Gospels? In this lecture, Mike Licona wrestles with these questions and provides authentic answers.

The A, B, Cs . . . Ds & Es of Defending the Gospels. Whether one is talking to an atheist or agnostic, Muslim or Mormon, an attack on the Gospels is often the primary assault. Mike Licona addresses the 5 most common objections to the historical reliability of the Gospels.

Are there contradictions in the Gospels? Alleged contradictions in the Gospels is a frequent objection to their being historically reliable sources about Jesus. Mike Licona discusses how ancient literature was written and provides fascinating insights pertaining to how ancient literary devices often resulted in the types of discrepancies we observe in the Gospels and in much of ancient literature. (Note: This lecture is available as two lectures or in an abbreviated single lecture.)

Is Jesus the Only Way to Heaven? Non-Christians often resent it when Christians claim Jesus is the only way to heaven. Mike Licona examines whether Jesus actually claimed to be the only way, discusses 3 major answers to the big question taken by Christians and answers 4 tough questions, such as what happens to those who have never heard the Gospel when they die.

Connecting Through Apologetics. Because Christianity no longer enjoys a privileged position over other worldviews in North America, sharing the gospel and quoting a few Bible verses often carries little or no weight with nonbelievers. However, there is strong scientific and historical evidence for the truth of Christianity that may be employed with great effect. Learn why and how to connect to our culture through apologetics.

Who is the “Real” Jesus? History, Hogwash, & Hot Air.  Recent books portray Jesus in radically different ways than how he is presented in the New Testament. Mike Licona shows how to distinguish the authentic Jesus from counterfeits.

Does God Get Mad at Me When I Doubt? C. S. Lewis was once asked if he ever doubted the truth of his Christian faith. He answered that he had but that he had also doubted his beliefs while he was an atheist. Doubt plagues many. Am I sinning when I doubt? What are some ways for dealing with doubt?

John, Paul, and the Fab 4 on Jesus. Nowhere do the Gospels say “Jesus is God.” So, why do Christians believe that he is? In this lesson, Mike Licona serves as your guide to discovering what Jesus claimed about himself and why the earliest Christians believed he is God.

Crucifixion. In antiquity, the worst way to die was to be crucified. What was the process like? Mike Licona goes to the ancient literature and tells us what occurred in a crucifixion, then applies these insights to shed new light on some biblical texts.

Holy Jihad!  What are we to do about Islam? The world is witnessing the intolerance, anger, violence, and aggression of radical Islam. Is radical Islam a recent phenomenon or is it what Muhammad taught? Mike Licona introduces you to Islam and provides practical tips for sharing the gospel with Muslims.