Hebrews 5:7

Ahmed Deedat claimed that Hebrews 5:7 teaches that God heard Jesus’s prayer and spared him from death on the cross. In this video, Dr. Licona reveals Deedat’s careless treatment of [...]

Sign of Jonah

Muslim apologists such as Ahmed Deedat, Shabir Ally, Zakir Naik, and Yusaf Ismail often appeal to the Sign of Jonah in the Gospels as evidence that Jesus did not die. In this video, Dr. Licona [...]

Crucifixion or Cruci-fiction

The Quran teaches that Jesus did not die in the first century but God made it appear that he did. Muslim apologists, therefore, claim that the Gospel accounts of Jesus’s death are [...]

Muslim Becomes Christian

While lecturing in Calgary in 2017, a former Muslim told Mike his debates with Muslims was one of the factors that led him to leave Islam and follow Jesus.