Licona Replies to Acharya: Part 2

Thank you for emailing me your brief rebuttal to my paper on your book. I have also reviewed “A Rebuttal to Mike Licona’s ‘Refutation of The Christ Conspiracy‘” on [...]

Roundtable Discussion

The 2012 summer issue of the Southeastern Theological Review includes a roundtable discussion on the interpretation of Matthew's raised saints I proposed in my book The Resurrection of Jesus: A [...]

When the Saints Go Marching In

This is the paper I delivered at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Philosophical Society in San Francisco. This paper addresses the present controversy stated by Norman Geisler [...]

Historians and Miracle Claims

Acknowledgement & Copyright: This article is posted on the author’s web site with the permission of Brill and the Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus. This article is copyrighted. [...]

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