Linda H. Osborne

“Using Mike Licona at Collegiate Weeks has been a consistent hit! He is a challenging, yet understandable, communicator. He is a strong, yet entertaining, apologist. It is quite easy for me [...]

Paul Copan

“Michael Licona is a gracious, winsome, capable defender of Christian orthodoxy and Jesus’ historical bodily resurrection in particular. He is an excellent scholar, communicator, and [...]

Daniel Wallace

“I often tell my students, ‘You must pursue truth rather than protect your presuppositions.’ This is axiomatic for honest investigation, a sine qua non of historical research. [...]

William Lane Craig

“When I first saw Mike Licona in a public debate on the resurrection of Jesus, I realized that here was a young man whom I needed to get to know. He dismantled his opponent’s [...]

Gary R. Habermas, Ph.D.

“Mike Licona is simply a wonderful communicator. Never speaking over the heads of his various audiences, he employs humor and overall winsomeness to grab his audience’s attention and [...]

Mark Mittelberg

“Mike Licona is a rising star in the world of Christian apologetics. He’s been mentored by the best of the best — including Gary Habermas and William Lane Craig — and is [...]

Lee Strobel

“Mike Licona combines the mind of a scholar, the heart of an evangelist, the clarity of a communicator, and the persuasive skills of a debater. His ministry is vitally important in [...]