Linda H. Osborne

“Using Mike Licona at Collegiate Weeks has been a consistent hit! He is a challenging, yet understandable, communicator. He is a strong, yet entertaining, apologist. It is quite easy for me to recommend Mike for use on your campuses and state meetings. College students and leaders alike benefit from Mike’s teachings!” Linda H. Osborne National… Read More

Paul Copan

“Michael Licona is a gracious, winsome, capable defender of Christian orthodoxy and Jesus’ historical bodily resurrection in particular. He is an excellent scholar, communicator, and debater, and I am glad to stand behind his ministry.” Paul Copan, Ph.D., Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics, Palm Beach Atlantic University

Daniel Wallace

“I often tell my students, ‘You must pursue truth rather than protect your presuppositions.’ This is axiomatic for honest investigation, a sine qua non of historical research. Sadly, it is a rare commodity among scholars today, even among biblical scholars. Dr. Licona is one who exemplifies this approach in his treatment of the resurrection of Jesus. Frankly,… Read More

William Lane Craig

“When I first saw Mike Licona in a public debate on the resurrection of Jesus, I realized that here was a young man whom I needed to get to know. He dismantled his opponent’s arguments with surgical precision and yet with such graciousness that no one could be offended. I have found Mike to be… Read More

Gary R. Habermas, Ph.D.

“Mike Licona is simply a wonderful communicator. Never speaking over the heads of his various audiences, he employs humor and overall winsomeness to grab his audience’s attention and to keep it riveted on the subject at hand. Throughout, Mike’s greatest assets come across well–his own personality along with his scholarship. As one listens, it is… Read More

Mark Mittelberg

“Mike Licona is a rising star in the world of Christian apologetics. He’s been mentored by the best of the best — including Gary Habermas and William Lane Craig — and is increasingly sharing their platform as a first-rate author, speaker, and debater who is effectively defending the truth of historic Christianity.” Mark Mittelberg International… Read More

Lee Strobel

“Mike Licona combines the mind of a scholar, the heart of an evangelist, the clarity of a communicator, and the persuasive skills of a debater. His ministry is vitally important in answering objections currently being leveled against Christianity. Mike has my strong endorsement as an effective and winsome apologist.” Lee Strobel, author, The Case for… Read More